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How to achieve bright luminous skin?

There is a century’s long belief that a bright and luminous complexion is a sign of good health. No matter your skin shade, even if you have a deep skin tone you can still achieve a glowing look by sticking to a few simple rules in your routine.

How do you achieve it? These are the secrets:

+ Stay out of the sun – extreme tanning won’t give you a peachy glow, quite the opposite. It would more likely result in burnt and peeling skin left looking dull and red.

+ Use a moisturizer – there’s so many out there to choose from, when you find “the one” make sure you use it regularly. You can have a different moisturizer for day and night, the trick is to use them both religiously. Well moisturized skin will instantly look brighter and healthier.

+ Drink lots of water – what your mama told you is true, 8 glasses of water a day will keep the dermatologist away. Hydrated skin is a luminous skin.

+ Use brightening skin care products – lately it’s become a trend, but the ingredients you can find in skin brightening products are as old as time – like lemon extracts, different sorts of acids and more. Try our Intense Facial Serum and you can see results in no time!

So the secret to bright and luminous skin is there’s no secret at all! Just a few basic steps you need to memorize and stick to. Good luck!