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Cruelty Free Beauty Products – The Better Pretty

Animal testing of beauty products is cruel. If you are concerned with how animals are treated you can do your part by looking cruelty free beauty products. Imagine being locked in a cage and having something stuck in your eye repeatedly to see if it became a dangerous irritant. It is simply appalling in the name of beauty or any other cause to be so callous when it comes to another life.

5 Reasons Cruelty Free Beauty Products Are the Way to Go

There are 5 reasons that you should take a stand and insist on cruelty free products:

  1. It is the ethical thing to do
  2. It speaks volumes about the corporate culture
  3. The products are not any less effective
  4. You can do your part to stop the cruelty
  5. Use products guilt free

Choosing sources that are pledged to a cruelty free way to do business, is just an ethical thing to do. When a company takes a stand against common practices in an industry that they do not agree with, it speaks volumes about that company’s integrity and how they do business. It is a business that you should consider rewarding for stepping up with your business.

Very Effective

You do not have to torture animals to create effective products that are safe. You just simply must have the knowledge, skill set and dedicated staff that is driven to creating effective products.

You Can Help

Consumers have the biggest effect on cruel practices. If more consumers made a stand and refused to do business with companies that did subscribe to these practices the practice would come to a screeching halt. You can help put an end to this practice by only purchasing products that are verified cruelty free! You have the power in your buying choices to push for a change and to make a difference.

No Guilt

It is a lovely experience to use products that are effective on your skin that you do not have to feel guilty about. When you know that your skin care products have not been created at the expense of innocent animals they are so much more enjoyable to use! Talia Skin Care is a good source for highly effective skin care products that are always cruelty free. You do not have to be cruel to look great. Cruelty free is the better pretty!