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Why Minerals Promotes Healthier Complexation

Why Minerals Promotes Healthier Complexation

Scientific and technological developments led to creation of ultra-modern beauty
products and treatments. However, Mother Nature remains supreme as the most
effective source of natural ingredients for skincare and cosmetics. The Dead Sea is
a wonder of the nature; buy Dead Sea cosmetics, and you will see the results
you’ve never seen before.

The Magic Minerals You Get With Dead Sea Cosmetics
Dead Sea is enriched with over 21 essential minerals, which include Magnesium,
Calcium, Silica, Sodium, Zink, Bromine, Potassium and more.
All proven to have extraordinary healing and therapeutic properties:
– Calcium soothes skin and strengthens skin cell membranes.
– Magnesium promotes skin cell metabolism and is an effective anti-allergic agent.
– Chloride maintains the correct mineral balance in the skin cells and the body. This
ensures that the alkaline and acid levels in the body are always right which is
important for cell metabolism.
– Zinc naturally regulates the growth and regeneration of skin cells by promoting
cell renewal and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin that keep the
skin smooth and supple. Zinc is also a powerful antioxidant and thus very effective
in fighting the free radicals that cause aging. Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory
properties and naturally blocks UV rays.

Who Should Buy Dead Sea Cosmetics?
Dead Sea products are natural and therefore are safe to use by everyone.
Especially they're good for those with sensitive skin or conditions such as acne,
eczema, and psoriasis. Medical studies suggest that Dead Sea products cure those
conditions by maintaining the right chemical balance in the skin and strengthening
skin tissue. They also stimulate blood circulation and the toxins removal.
Dead Sea products also help to reduce cellulite by detoxifying the skin, improving
blood circulation and suppleness. In other words, they help to remove the
impurities that would otherwise remain being trapped in the tissue. Those with skin
allergies will also find Dead Sea products helpful thanks to the high levels of
bromine and magnesium which cleanse and detox the skin.
Those with dry skin and approaching mature age will also benefit using Dead Sea
products. High concentration of minerals not only will keep the skin clean and clear
but also replace the electrolytes to keep in healthy. Those looking to turn back the
time can do so with Dead Sea products tha reduce the depth of wrinkles by up to

Buy Dead Sea Cosmetics and See the Difference
For years, Talia Skin Care has been making and distributing natural products made
with minerals sourced right from the Dead Sea in Israel. Try them and experience
their relaxing, therapeutic properties and relief from various skin conditions. You
can contact Talia Skin Care at or by phone: +972-3- 736-
8389. You can also securely buy products from our website, and be sure to
subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about new products and special offers!