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3 Essential steps for perfect winter skin

It’s true, Winter is coming. Say hello to dry patchy skin and goodbye to the awesome tanned glow you worked hard on all Summer.

Or must you? Here are 3 easy tips to help you survive the cold season with a fresh face:

  1. Moisturize! We can’t recommend this enough. Moisturizing morning and night is crucial if you want to keep your skin supple. The cold dry weather isn’t kind to your face and we all know the feeling of dry winter skin. Amp up your routine with extra rich moisturizers that will nourish your skin and keep it fresh
  2. Don’t be afraid of oils. Even if you have oily skin, oils can do wonders to your skin in the Winter. They provide nourishment without feeling heavy and sticky and leave you with a glowing and healthy complexion. There are all sorts of oils you can choose from and find the best one suited for you.
  3. Layering is key. In the Summer we don’t like slapping too much product on our face, what’s the point when we sweat it all off anyway? But in the Winter, layering your skincare is a must because your skin needs all the help it can get fighting the frigid elements. At night a good serum (like our Age Defying Advanced Serum), a nourishing moisturizer (try Rejuvenative Day Moisturizer ) and on top of that a facial oil will make sure you wake up with gorgeous, rested and replenished skin, ready to brave the cold.

I love cold Winter nights spent at home, in cozy pajamas and with a good book. It’s the perfect time to spoil yourself with the best skin treatments and give your face that extra little bit of attention it deserves.

Xoxo Team